Fabrice Caro Ordinary people (English)

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Ordinary people (English)

Ordinary people (English)

You're a real gourmet cook, it's delicious!
I've never eaten such a delicious stew. Will you give me the recipe?
Just look up "paella" on Google...”

Le mot de l'éditeur

Fabrice Caro (nicknamed Fabcaro) has been drawing since childhood, he works for the press and the editing world.He’s published humorous works that poke at the behaviour of his contemporaries in which he does not forget to make fun of himself. He's written a novel entitled "Figurec" which was published by Gallimard in 2006.

Short bibliography:
- “Damoclès' minced beef” (La Cafetière, 2005)
- “Figurec” (Gallimard, 2006)
- “La bredoute” (6 pieds sous terre, 2007)
- “Straight into the wall” (La cafetière, 2007)
- “The fence” (6 pieds sous terre, 2009).

Dessinateur :
Fabrice Caro
Scénario :
Fabrice Caro
Coloriste :
non renseigné
Éditeur :
Alter Comics
Collection :
non renseigné
Date de parution :
05 nov. 2012
ISBN-13 :
Illustration :

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